Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welp, This is Awkward..

Ok so usually I try to connect what I'm going to say to my spiritual faith, but tonight, I'm just going to talk about something that I think every single person understands. Sometimes, let's be honest, life just gets so. . . awkward. I can't help, but think that God giggles as he watches these little events unfold.
There are some places that just create awkward situations. We would all be lying if we denied that awkward moments seem to spawn out of school dances. From the parents watching at all angles, to the teachers commenting on your dress, to the moment when a guy walks up to you. He smoothly says, "Hey do you like this song?" Your heart beats fast because you've had a secret crush on him and your mind flashes through the images. The first one, is you all dancing, the next dating through college, then getting married, and having a baby (okay. . . that's a MAJOR exaggeration). Some how you formulate words and without even knowing what song is playing you say, "I love it!" To which the boy looks you straight in the eyes, takes a deep breath and says, "Well I hate it!" After that, he plops himself in a seat close to you to wait out the slow song. Talk about awkward.
Maybe that's never happened to you, but maybe this has. You get to the dance. Your hair is fixed and your dress fluffed. You've talked to this certain guy and he's told you that he plans to dance with you all night. You're giddy as you walk through the doors into the dance. You walk up to the sign in table and bend over to write your name when the seam of your dress by the zipper splits in two, almost causing the dress to fall down. You run to the bathroom with your best friends.
Maybe you had your eye on a guy all night. You are just waiting for him to ask you to dance with him. Your friend whispers in your ear to ask who you want to ask you to dance. You smile and giggle as you whisper his name. She looks at you and with an encouraging nod says that she knows it is going to happen. Suddenly, the D.J. announces that he is playing the last slow song of the night. You make yourself easily accessible by standing in an open space easily in his line of sight, but as you look for him, you see your friend who you just told that you wanted to dance with him, talking to him. You kind of think how nice she is for encouraging him to ask you to dance when suddenly, his facial expression gets nervous and he says, "Ok." Your friend, the one you trusted, starts to dance with the boy you told her you liked.
Sometimes things just get awkward, but when you surround yourself with good friends, they all end up working out to be in your favor. Sometimes your friends make or break a situation.
As you sit there awkwardly after the boy you have a crush on told you he hates the song, a mutual friend comes up, tells him to get over his hatred for the song, and choose someone to dance with. You're still sitting right next to him so he asks you if you want to and you get the chance that you thought you lost.
Your friends try to help you the best they can. They seek out a sewing kit and eventually find one. The dress is stitched together for the night, but at the end of it all, you have to cut the dress off. Sure, the end is still a little weird, but you, without paying much attention to the dress situation, dance the night way with the boy who then asks you to be his girlfriend.
You feel your heart break with betrayal and a little sadness. You sit down and decide that you are going to give up on trying to find someone to dance with. Your best guy friend comes up, and even though he HATES dancing, he sees how sad you are and offers to dance with you. He pulls you close to him and you all spin around the floor, with each step, you forget the boy who originally occupied all of your thoughts.
It's a good thing that friends are there at school dances. They are some of the best memories and most awkward situations. They are a place to socialize and enjoy yourself. School dances are just great, but only if you have great friends to be there for the awkward and the awesome. There's only one thing friends can't help you escape at school dances. . . the most horrid of all dance songs. . . "Then".

But that's a different story for a different day.

Laying Down Myself
Kenzie Mason

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