Monday, November 12, 2012

If God Was Like ME...

I have to start this off with saying I feel like I've had my share of bad luck with boys. I have had some guys in my life who have been high quality, God-loving, gentlemen. Others be completely honest, I'm going to quote my mom, "If you can't find anything nice to say, just don't say anything at all." In other words, I'm not a big fan. I know one thing that helped me get over or past the heartbreak in those situations is a song that made me feel like I didn't deserve what happened to me. It also makes me sound a little better than I actually am, but even though I don't believe that I am high up on a pedestal as this song makes it sound, it quite clearly conveys the emotions I felt. For all of you Taylor Swift haters who thought my last blog about Taylor Swift was bad...I bet you can't wait for this one!

Ok I know this might be a far stretch for some people, but for me, this is how I feel like God should react to us sinning. I mean, He is supposed to be the best thing in the world to us and He should be walking away with His hands in the air saying, "I'm never taking you back since you decided that money, your popularity, sex, drugs, alcohol, is more important than me." God is a gracious God. He doesn't walk away from us. He is absolutely heartbroken over our sin, but He waits like a loving Father for His children to return to Him. When they do, they receive an extravagant homecoming, not a jaded God. He loves us past our mistakes.
I'm not saying to the girls out there who have ever been cheated on to accept that guy back into their hearts because that's what God would do. I am saying however, imagine how hard that is for you. Now imagine how much harder that would be for God to accept someone back who completely rejected Him in order to follow after something else. All I have to say is I've been there and I know that our God is so much more gracious than I will ever be able to be.  

Laying Down Myself
Kenzie Mason

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