Wednesday, November 21, 2012

...Accursed Word

Let's be honest, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships can be such an amazing and beautiful and uplifting thing, however it can also be something that causes unnecessary heartbreak. For me, I always have to remember what God says about guarding your heart. I'm the kind of person that let's myself care about someone way too quickly. I've worked on this a lot. The people who have places in my heart have showed me that they honestly care about me and love me. I am thankful for each one of them. (Of course here I'm not talking boyfriend, but more best friend).

Right now, having a boyfriend seems like such a weird concept. I have to think that next year I will be going to college and leaving behind some of my best friends, my cousins, my family, and I can't imagine adding a boyfriend to the mix. Of course this is my plan FOR NOW. I know how I am and I know how things change for me. 

The good part is that no matter what, I know that God will show me the right thing to do. . . even if it's hard and I know that it most likely will be either way. 

But here's what anyone might want to know about my "Boyfriend Wishlist" if you will:

1. He has to be a Christian
2. He has to be social
3. He has to be kind to everyone, not just me
4. He has to be gentle
5. He has to be funny
6. He has to smile and be happy
7. He should be close to his family
8. He can not be a cheater
9. He has to accept me for who I am (though I'm willing to change little things about myself, but not who I am) and he can not be embarrassed of me in front of his friends (AKA I want a title)
10. He has to be American (; (Inside joke! But those who get it . . . seriously though lol) 

I don't like talking about boyfriends much. . . so this probably won't happen again. 

Kenzie Mason
Laying Down Myself

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