Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Special Request

Well, my best friend Holli looks at me today and told me that I haven't written a blog post in a long time and you know what...she's right. I said I would start getting back into the habit of writing on here more and to be honest, I had good intentions too. I just feel like now I have to filter myself. I have definitely been struggling a lot with negative talk. There are things going on and people around me who have stirred in me a desire to say ungracious and just plain right rude things. (I am supposed to be being honest here so for those of you who would like to say negative things about me because I struggle with these things and I am a Christian..go ahead..that's what the comment section is for.) I haven't wanted to give myself too much freedom to run so I have been limiting and filtering the things that I post on the internet. I finally feel like I might have a grip on myself and the situation now so I will continue (as long as Holli keeps asking (; ) to write this blog. I do feel like it is important for me to share my triumphs and my struggles because later in life I will look back and maybe be able to reflect on some of my stories. Some things might just amaze me and I'm sure, more than once, I'll laugh at how foolish I sound. I also just really enjoy writing and I am really happy to finally be over my "grumpy phase" and feel comfortable enough to continue publishing these blogs.

This blog isn't going to be long, however I promise to post another one on Thursday or Friday depending on my schedule...maybe even tomorrow if you're lucky.

I just want to say one thing that helped me get through the moments where I wanted to say and think negative things. I think that it is important that we associate with people who are going to encourage us and lift us up, however sometimes those same people are going to have to step into your life and correct you. Proverbs talks about the wise man who accepts godly council and the foolish man who rejects it, but I would like to give some equally biblical advice for the advice giver, because I know on multiple occasions I have found myself failing at this. Always speak with love. Whether you are lifting someone up or rebuking them, do it with love. I'm sure some of you are thinking about how that could be possible to rebuke someone out of love, but if the intentions of your heart are to put the other person down and humiliate them, you have the wrong intentions, however if you are a good friend of this person and you see them succumbing to peer pressure in certain areas, you have a duty to that friend because you love them so much and would never want to see them end up hurt, to advise them to come back to the Lord. Of course, you can not say it like that, but if you are really their friend, you will know how to handle the situation.

I want to thank a moment to my friends who sympathized with me on my struggles, but did not encourage me in my negative behavior. It is because I see you all living out your faith day-to-day that I was able to realize that God has better plans for me than meaningless and worthless chatter. James says something revolutionary. Just as a huge ship is steered by a little rudder and a horse by a bit in it's mouth, the tongue has the potential to control the body. It can lead you in the wrong direction, or it could be a tool that helps you praise the only one worth praising.

I know that I have failed, but I will keep trying.

Thanks for being patient with me! Love always <3

Kenzie Mason
Laying Down Myself


  1. Still waiting on another post! :)
    - Your Faithful Reader

  2. Hey!

    You've got another "special request"!
    Enjoy reading what you write! So don't leave us waiting!
    We can't wait around forever :/

    – Your Faithful Reader