Friday, January 4, 2013

I Haven't Forgotten

Wow.. I haven't posted on here in a while. Sorry about that, but I haven't forgotten. I think about blogging almost every day, but never sit down and relax long enough to do it. I guess I'm starting to feel the extreme circumstances all around me. I can hear the clock tic-tocking away as if tomorrow isn't another new adventure with new struggles and new triumphs. This is a big year. I have all the big senior experiences like senior trip and prom. I graduate. Choose a college. Move out of my home. Turn eighteen. Possibly go to a new city. Start a new day-to-day. And keep God number one amidst all the chaos.

Deep Breath.

It's not my will that I'm living every day. If it is, I've failed to understand the world around me, my Creator, and my purpose. I live to serve God and every day I find myself with lots of failures to set at His feet. Every day, He reassures me that He loves me even when my actions don't prove my love for Him. I give Him all of me, the brokenness and failures included, because that's all I have and yet He says it's enough. I wake up the next day realizing the fullness of His grace and again I decide that that day is His to do with what He will. Even that day, I still fail. The cycle continues, but as God starts working more and more in my life, I see the places that He's saved me from. I see how obedience takes away the possibilities for regret and heartbreak. So far, it hasn't been perfect, it will never be, but it's been real.

{As I walk into the valley ahead, I will not fear for God is my strength and my courage and though I will daily fail, He never will. His eyes are of love and grace to me and He calls me His daughter. I am truly blessed. His ways will be my ways and those who He loves, I will also love. To those He shows grace, I will likewise show grace.}

I'm sorry that I haven't taken the time to write, but I don't want to miss a single moment. Every moment that I spend, I want it to shine a light on the reason that I'm living. I forgot just how good this was for me. Sometimes I need to sit back and count my blessings.

Until next time!

Laying Down Myself
Kenzie Mason

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