Monday, May 27, 2013

My Graduation Speech

I was class president and with that position, I got the honor of giving the "Welcome" speech. So it might be kind of awkward to read, but I hope that for those of you who weren't there and kind of wanted to know, this can give you an idea.

It was our very first day of school. Most of us don't remember back that far, but parents, this was a time when you saw our long journey begin. I'm sure that most of us were kind of excited and kind of scared, but we knew that with your hand in our hand, we would be safe. You walked us to the classroom. Then you blinked. All of a sudden, you're here in this sanctuary to celebrate a day that you couldn't have imagined and a day, that as students, we have dreamed of. In thirteen years, so many things have changed for us. The first day we were walked into school by our moms and dads, but at the end of it all, we drove away on our own. Now this doesn't mean that we have outgrown our parents. Today is the day that we celebrate the culmination of thirteen years of being molded and developed. We are the products of God, our families, and our friends. You all have been there to be the safe haven amidst many a storm, love and support when we needed it, encouragement when we were doing well, and correction when we weren't. We thank all you for your support throughout our journey and ask you to continue to support us as we go through this day and as we move on into the rest of our lives. So without further adieu, families, friends, and fellow students, I am honored to welcome you to Whitefield Academy's Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2013. 

That's it. Crazy that I had the honor of addressing my class, their families and friends, and my family and friends. It was a GREAT honor. I love my class and I love Whitefield.


Kenzie Mason
Laying Down Myself

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