Sunday, April 28, 2013

And the Countdown Begins

I am so excited for this next step in my life. I know I haven't posted on here in a while, but stuff has been so crazy! I'm sorry (: I really am trying. . . be patient with me! I'm only human, friends. I figured I'd take this time to catch you up on some stuff.

1) 2 Days Ago: I enjoyed spending four months with my boyfriend.
I don't know that I have ever talked about him on here. . .so SURPRISE! But it was a really fun day and I realized, once again, how blessed I am by his friendship. Being able to know that he loves God and his family is just amazing. He is a great encourager and we have fun doing stupid little things together, so yea. I don't know really what to say, but it was a good day for me and I smiled all day long so I thought I might as well share it. (:

2) 2 Days Until: My final college decision has to be made.
BUT! Unlike usual, I did not procrastinate and have made a decision. . . DRUM ROLL PLEASE!


I am so excited that this decision has been made and I am ready to be there already! I will be in Speed School with the intentions of studying Electrical Engineering. I hope to go through and get a Bachelors and Masters degree. I really am excited about all the adventures that are in store! I know God will be with me as I walk through these next years in my life.

3) 9 Days Until: My first AP Test for the year.
I'm's Calculus...To be honest, I can't test out of it for Speed School sooo it's not necessary that I pass, but it really would be a confidence booster if I could just get a 4. Please, if you happen to think of me, pray for me to have clarity that day with minimal to no distractions. Pray that I recall what I have studied all year. I really would appreciate it! Then the next day I have to come in and take ANOTHER test :'( WAHHHH!!! But this one really counts! If I test out of this, I can bipass English in college. That would be a huge blessing. Again, I would love to have your prayers with me!

4) 19 Days Until: PROM!
To many, this seems insignificant, but to me, this is so exciting. I love prom just because last year, I had such a big role in planning it and I can't wait to see what the juniors this year have done. I love events; I love getting dressed up; I love dancing. What about prom don't I love? Plus, this year, I have a date. I am so excited! It's probably the last time that I will wear a long formal dress until the day I get married (that'll be a while ya'll, don't worry), so it's kind of a big deal in my mind. So anyways! I'll try to post pictures when I can (: Remind me if I don't!

5) 26 Days Until: GRADUATION!
I'm nervous, excited, happy, scared, emotional, and pretty much everything in between. I'm excited for summer and college, but I'm scared of the change. I'm stressed because I have to speak, and the last time I did that, there was a fire :O (If you say you want it, I'll write out the story, but for now, I'll just move on). I know it will be bittersweet to walk across that stage and to see my classmates walk as well. It will be a huge blessing, but so scary. But, I think I'm ready (:

So, there ya go! There's what you've missed hearing about! God really has been blessing me in huge ways! I hope that you all are doing great and guys, I love to hear from you. Your emails and messages have been great, but REMEMBER, you can subscribe! Thanks ya'll! Love you! <3

Laying Down Myself
Kenzie Nickole

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