Monday, July 22, 2013

Babysitting Blessing

The quiet house around me seems empty and lifeless. The little giggles and squeals and even the animal noises are missed in this vastness of silence. I've always said I didn't like kids and I'm not kidding. I really didn't, but now, I'm not sure that I like it, but it's become more normal. I'm sitting here waiting for the crazy boys to get home from camp and almost in a way, missing them. I saw them three days ago and left them with smiles on their faces and an eagerness in their eyes. I know I haven't been good about wanting to be with them, but that's all changed now. 
I see that God is using this in my life. In the past few months of watching these energetic little ones my patience has grown tremendously, it has given me an appreciation for those stay-at-home moms and shown me the good parts and the bad parts of healthy discipline. It has made me have more respect for the way that my mom and dad have raised me and let me appreciate the maturity of my younger brother. 
I can't say that this experience hasn't made me crazy at times or that it makes me want to be a stay-at-home mom or even a teacher, but I can say that I find myself growing in love for boys who originally, honestly, I couldn't stand. 
Yes, I will probably still complain time to time, but I see now that God is working through me in this home. Where prompts like "What do you say?" used to be necessary I now hear an immediate "Thank you, Kenzie" and even an occasional "Yes ma'am" or "May I..." I have seen that they are asking questions that make me think of just how wonderful the Father is like, "Why is that cloud shaped like a dinosaur?" And I smile. I know why it's shaped like a dinosaur...God gave me this opportunity to say that He made it that way because He knows just how much they love dinosaurs.  
I like watching them run around in the backyard in their swim trunks with water guns. The smiles on their face are huge and their giggles intermingle with the sounds of the wind blowing. Their eyes shine with glee as they pounce around the backyard trying to spray me with water guns as I soak them with the hose. I love it. I love their smiles and having times where I get to enjoy them. I don't like putting them in time out or getting my serious face, but I know that it's necessary and it's funny to me how quickly they forgive me for getting on them. 
I've found myself blessed and excited about watching my own kids grow. It's funny to watch them make discoveries, learn how to conquer writing letters, and help make their own lunch. I know that watching my children achieve these milestones will be extremely exciting. I feel blessed to know that a family has invited me into their home to experience these milestones with their kids. 
Then I hear Daulton's little voice echo through the living room "Helllooooo" and I hear Hayden's excited footsteps run through the front door. Finally, they're.home and ready for another day. 

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